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Pricing and Purchasing

Although I would like you to visit my studio and make a selection, I know this is not possible for everyone.
We can ship pieces to you by UPS.

Please email me at for more information about any of my work or
if you would like me to send you images of pieces not yet on this site.

Each piece is individual and unique.

I am also happy to make something especially for you if the piece you like was already sold and you can wait for a while!
Here is a general guide for the prices:

Pitchers: $120-$300
Tea Pots: $300-$450
Bowls: $40-$200
Roasting Pots: $300-$700
Baking dishes: $70-$150
Dinner settings: $190 (4 piece nesting set)
Also sold by individual plate - discount for multiple sets.
Oval Platters: $140
Garden Urns: $700-$1200
Sculptures: $3,000-$7,000
Tile work is by arrangement although there are some individual tiles available in the studio.

Sometimes people come to the gallery and leave empty-handed because it seems too extravagant to purchase a beautiful piece for themselves. Months or years later they return and choose something that enriches their life and they will enjoy for years to come.

I would like for friends and visitors to be able to take a piece of their choosing when they fall in love with it for only a small initial investment. When funds permit the balance can be paid in installments or after a period of time, even if time stretches out!

I want to make my art work more available to those who would enjoy it and I know we will experience a wonderful association while we share ownership of the piece - and for a long time afterwards.

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