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Italian Cooking Classes

Siglinda periodically teaches cooking classes in the Chapel Hill & Chatham County area. Any details of forthcoming events will be posted here.

"When I was a very little girl I used to wake up to the smell of food that my Great Grandmother was cooking on the woodstove in terracotta pots. She had many of them in various shapes and sizes and each one was used for a specific food and that food only. Money was not plentiful and meat was only on the table once a week but cooking was always considered to be a very serious form of Art. And so it was that a great variety of foods were prepared in the large kitchen where I would spend most of my time sticking my nose into everything everybody else was doing: cooking, sewing, painting etc. I would like to invite you into my Great Grandmother’s kitchen -- a true culinary classroom -- to take you on a cultural journey by learning the traditional Italian style of cooking in the “pentole di terracotta”, commonly called “I cocci.” With a touch of your own creativity you will learn what meals you can create using these wonderful dishes The cooking lessons at my home generally begin mid morning. Everyone works together during the day making wonderful food. There is good deal of laughter and fun. At the end of the day we enjoy dinner together and leave with leftovers."

--Siglinda Scarpa

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